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Products / Industrial Cameras
World’s Fastest 3CCD Color Line Scan Camera

Quality control is crucial to manufacturing and CMICRO’s industrial cameras provide strict quality control in production lines. Many manufacturers use our cameras for high speed, high precision assembly line inspection in a wide range of fields, including the production of semiconductors and other electronics parts, industrial products such as flat panel displays, and food products. CMICRO created the world’s fastest 3CCD Line Scan Camera as well as the highly cost-effective Monochrome Line Scan Camera. In addition, we design OEM custom cameras to meet our customers’ requirements for line scan and area scan cameras and handle production and sales. We are also involved in lens and optical design.

Monochrome Line Scan Camera

■ CM Series

The CM Series is a high-sensitive and low noise camera with resolutions from 512 to 2048, pixel size 14μm x 14μm,operating at a data rate of 40MHz. The CM Series uses the data format of CameraLink (Base configuration) or LVDS (EIA-644) and has exposure control and antiblooming functions.

■ White-eye Series

The FCH800A is a high-speed and low noise camera with max 8192 resolution, 7 x 7µm pixel size and max 640MHz data rate. The FCH800A uses the data format of Camera-Link (Base / Medium / Full-Configuration) and has exposure control and antiblooming function.
The FCH800A is ideally used for FPD inspection, film inspection and industrial machine vision.


3CCD Color Line Scan Camera

■ Albatross Series

The TK series are compact color line scan cameras that use beam splitting dichroic prism, special interference filters and three separate image sensors to provide the excellent color images. The TK series offer the larger resolution of 4096 pixels and smaller chromatic aberration within one pixel with the CMICRO matched lens. The TK series execute three channel analog data output(Red, Green and Blue)and Camera Link output running at 40MHz. Camera feature such as programmable pixel-by-pixel gain, offset, color balance, original filtering operation and on-camera diagnostic display will create the new color imaging wave you have been looking for.

TF cameras are a high-sensitive and low noise compact line scan cameras with 512/1024/2048 resolution, Exposure Control, Built-in antiblooming, a dichroic prism disperses RGB to a common axis and pixel size 14.0μm x 14.0μm operating at a datarate of 40MHz. Additionally, TF cameras have functions such as Camera Link 8 , 10 or 12 -bit output (Base / Medium configuration), pixel correction(FPN,PRNU and shading), customizedsettings(settable gain, offset, color balance and self diagnosis each for RGB) withproviding superior color performance in industrial applications.

OEM Cameras

In addition to our original industrial cameras, we design and manufacture customized OEM cameras for diverse applications to meet our customers’ specifications. We also have a strong record of achievement in the design of specialized lenses and prisms.