CMICRO is your partner for image processing.  We offer solutions to pave the way to the future of imaging.  

CMICRO supports the development of your image sensing systems through the development of imaging
devices such as line scan cameras and image processing technologies.

Line Scan Camera from CMICRO

Line Scan Cameras 

CMICRO offers a wide range of products such as line scan cameras, edge devices with image processing functions etc.  We lead the way in proposing solutions to customers.  

Line Scan Camera

Line Scan Cameras

We can realize the progress of production lines with our high-speed monochrome/color cameras with 1k - 16k pixels and prism-based spectroscopy technologies covering up to SWIR light.

3D Line Camera

3D Line Camera

A lineup of cameras ranging from measuring very small objects to measuring up to approximately 300mm in all directions.  Easily detects defects such as irregularly shaped objects.  

Zebra Lineup

We are the distributor for Zebra Technologies Corp. and provide distinguished data capturing/identification solutions in Japan.

About us

Company Profile

Our corporate philosophy is to "Create a bright future where people can live with a rich heart through personnel development and technology evolution".  We take pride in our work to build a better society.  By rejoicing, growing, and resonating together with all the people we interact with, we create the future we all live with happiness and love for all things.  

Company profile
Technology development

Technology Development

CMICRO believes that the development of technology that can genuinely meet users' requirements is directly proportional to the number and concentration of knee-to-knee meetings with customers. We strive for far better products by working with our customers to squeeze out wisdom.

Quality improvement

Quality Improvement

Based on the concept of QMS, CMICRO is working on quality management from the planning and development of products to production and maintenance with the participation of all employees across departments.

Environtal management

Environmental  Management

Based on the concept of EMS, CMICRO is working on environmental management with the participation of all employees across departments. Please click here to view CMICRO's environmental philosophy and environmental policy.

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