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CMICRO Integrated Technology Provides Effective Production System Networks

CMICRO system control, communications and software technology are an integral and indispensable part of all our products. These core technologies are key to CMICRO software development for control boards with CPUs and OS porting and are applied to a broad range of fields including communications boards and device driver software. With CMICRO technology, we provide production system network development and integration tailored to our customers’ needs.

System Control and Communications

CMICRO has been highly successful in developing Local Area Network technology for such standards as Ethernet, ARCNET, IEEE 1394, USB, LVDS and Fibre Optics. There is increasing demand in industry for network development and high-speed image data transmission. CMICRO products have a solid reputation for production system integration and reconstruction in a world that requires high speed, reliable data-transmission systems capable of handling large volumes of data. CPUs are essential for overall system control and CMICRO has a strong record of achievements in embedded CPU development. We not only develop independent technology and products but also excel at fusing technologies, including control and communications, within a single system.



CMICRO develops original software for device drivers, PC applications and real time embedded OS (porting) for CPU boards that use CMICRO products. Our original advanced software development technology meets diverse customer needs.