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CMICRO Delivers Machine Vision Solutions for Industrial and Agri Applications

CMICRO’s core technologies include image processing, communications and systems control. As an EMS company, we create multimedia and electronics products for factory automation and other industrial uses, handling every aspect from planning and development to design, production and quality control.


Satisfying International Quality Inspection Standards

Industrial Cameras

- Monochrome Line Scan Camera CM Series
- 3CCD Colour Line Scan Camera TK Series
- Wide range of OEM cameras

Optimal Performance for Every Line and Specification

Image Processing Boards

- Frame grabbers, image processing boards (OEM)
- Appearance inspection boards (OEM)

Wireless Remote Surveillance System
with Built-in Power Supply

Surveillance Systems

- Wireless Remote Surveillance System to prevent illegal dumping
- Full-time Surveillance System

Energy-saving Signboards

Display Systems

- Electromagnetic-disk-LED hybrid display system

Using Data Transmission to Integrate Production Systems

System Control/Communications/Software

- System control/communications
- Software