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3CCD Colour Line Scan Camera

3CCD Color Line Scan Camera
Albatross Series TF

TF cameras are a high-sensitive and low noise compact line scan cameras with 512/1024/2048 resolution, Exposure Control, Built-in antiblooming, a dichroic prism disperses RGB to a common axis and pixel size 14.0µm x 14.0µm operating at a datarate of 40MHz. Additionally, TF cameras have functions such as Camera Link 8 , 10 or 12 -bit output (Base / Medium configuration), pixel correction(FPN,PRNU and shading), customizedsettings(settable gain, offset, color balance and self diagnosis each for RGB) withproviding superior color performance in industrial applications.

We plan to gradually switch to the successor model from April 2022.


Key Features

- Max 2048 resolution, 40MHz output data rate
- Pixel Size 14.0µm x 14.0µm , Low noise, High sensitivity
- Camera Link 8 , 10 or 12 -bit output
   (Base / Medium configuration)
- Exposure control, Built-in antiblooming
- Nikon F mount or CMICRO special mount
- Compact Design:90.0mm(W)x90.0mm(H)x88.0mm(D)



- Programmable correction with pixel-by-pixel
- Selectable Synchronization Mode(Internal or External)
- Selectable horizontal binning function(28.0µm x 14.0µm)
- Individual control each color RGB with gain, offset and color balance
- FPN, PRNU, and Shading correction


Performance Specifications