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3CMOS Color Line Scan Camera
Rosella Series RS (Preliminary)

Rosella series cameras are high-end RGB line scan cameras with high-resolution, fast scan rate, and high sensitivity. The maximum sampling rate is 160MHz.
3CMOS sensors with 4096 pixels of 7μm square size / 2048 pixels of 14μm square size are adopted, and exposure control function is embedded. A dichroic prism parallelly splits the common input light beam into three sensors, each corresponding to RGB.
The data output format is Camera Link and provides separate RGB image data with 8/10/12 bit gradation. Programmable pixel correction, gain and offset setting per sensor, horizontal binning, and self-diagnosis functions are provided.
Rosella series cameras with color drift reduced to almost zero thus meet your demands in various industrial applications.
(Prism specifications that include the NIR wavelength range are also available as an option.)


Key Features

- High sensitivity CMOS sensor with 4096 pixels of 7μm square size or
  2048 pixels of 14μm square size
- High quality color reproduction utilizing dichroic prism
  (Option: Red output including NIR)
- 160MHz sampling data rate
- 8, 10, or 12bit data output / the Camera Link standard
- M52 or Nikon-F lens mount
- Compact design:90.0mm(W) × 90.0mm(H) × 88.0mm(D)



- Exposure control
- FPN, PRNU, and shading correction
- Individual gain and offset settings for each RGB sensor
- Horizontal binning
- Self-diagnosis


Performance Specifications