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Power-saving Display Systems New Applications for Electromagnetic-disk Signboards

Electromagnetic-disk signboards require almost no electricity to operate and are therefore attracting much interest in an environmentally conscious world. CMICRO has increased their added value and expanded their potential applications by developing a display driver to transmit data. The resultant product takes into consideration the future of the planet. CMICRO’s signboard display system is presented at the annual Security and Safety Trade Expo.

Electromagnetic-disk Signboards

Electromagnetic-disk signboards display information clearly and prominently while consuming very little energy. CMICRO enhanced these multimedia signboards by adding the ability to display transmitted information. This technology can be applied to everything from large outdoor baseball scoreboards to small display panels for meeting rooms, etc. Moreover, these signboards continue to display the latest information received even if the power supply is cut off, a very useful feature during natural disasters or blackouts.