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24/7 Security Indoors and Out CMICRO Remote Surveillance Systems with Built-in Power Supply

CMICRO has developed next generation surveillance systems that combine industrial television and digital technology. These products are ideal for 24-hour remote surveillance as well as network (web camera) security surveillance. CMICRO fuses a variety of technologies to offer surveillance systems that fit diverse customer needs. Options include indoor or outdoor use, built-in power supply and network incorporated models. We can also build server systems that incorporate existing security systems. CMICRO exhibits its surveillance systems at the annual Security and Safety Trade Expo.

Wireless Remote Surveillance System

When the sensor is triggered, the surveillance camera takes photographs and transmits the images by cell phone to a base station computer. The colour camera switches to infrared at night to provide fully-automated round-the-clock surveillance. Equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel, the camera requires no external power supply, allowing placement in the best location for catching intruders, illegal dumpers, etc.

Full-Time Surveillance System

This versatile full-time surveillance system is ideal for running unmanned premises and for night security. A sensor activates the camera when it detects an intruder and images are stored in a Compact Flash memory card that can be easily checked via computer. With a built-in solar power supply and a dust and waterproof housing, it can be used outdoors as well as inside.