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Products / Image Processing Boards
Highly Specialized, Cost-effective Image Processing Boards for OEMs

Since our inception, CMICRO has built up an impressive array of image processing boards,
a field in which we excel. CMICRO supplies OEMs with highly specialized and cost-effective image processing boards for various applications including scratch detection, position and dimension checking, and letter recognition. Our expertise in developing high-speed processing based on hardware logic, customized algorithm hardware, image processing driver software and real-time processing software contributes to superior quality in every type of product.

Frame Grabbers and Image Processing Boards (OEM)

CMICRO has a solid record in OEM development for frame grabber boards and image processing boards that can handle video signals from line scan and area scan cameras. We provide high-speed, high-performance image processing with original FPGA-based algorithm hardware and on-board RISC processors.

Appearance Inspection Boards (OEM)

CMICRO develops appearance inspection boards designed to handle high-speed line scan camera video signals. Specialized FPGAs are used to configure all necessary processing functions for appearance inspections, including image pre-processing, position correction, image filtering, template matching and labelling. Inspection is controlled by an RISC processor with real time OS.