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SWIR Line Scan Camera


Nighthawk Series NH

NH is a line scan camera with 512 pixels resolution, 5MHz sampling rate, and InGaAs linear image sensor.
It has Camera Link output and captured image data is outputted as digital data.
It is a high-performance compact camera with various functions.

Key features

◎Maximum resolution of 512 pixels、5MHz sampling rate
◎InGaAs linear image sensor with 25μm×25μm pixel size
◎Camera Link intarface(Base Configuration)
◎Dust proof enclosure design
◎Single power input(+12V~+15V)


◎Synchronization mode(internal/external)
◎Horizontal binning
◎Setting of image scan direction
◎Test pattern generation for testing camera operation and interface with inspection machines
◎Self diagnosis
◎Setting of gain and offset
◎Pixel correction(FPN、PRNU、Shading)
◎Simplified false defect output(W, L, Start position, Occurrence interval, Defect level, Input selection)
◎Saving of camera setting
◎Monitoring of power voltage, internal temperature and camera status

Key features of NH series