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Dual-Band SWIR Line Scan Camera


Nighthawk Series ND

   NDB100H is a 2 spectral line scan camera equipped with two InGaAs sensors with 1024 pixels resolution.
   Prism with high spectral characteristics is used for splitting the input light into two wavelength bands, 950 - 1345nm and 1400 - 1700nm.
   The same image in two separate wavelength bands can be captured by two sensors owing to the highly accurate sensor alignment.

Key features

◎ Two InGaAs linear sensors with 1024px resolution, 12.5μm square pixel size
◎ The same image can be captured in two separate SWIR wavelength band
◎ Excellent spectral characteristics using a prism
◎ F mount dedicated lens for the SWIR band from CMICRO Corporation
   (M52 mount lens can also be attached)
◎ Camera Link(Base Configuration) / GigE Vision interface
◎ Single power supply (+12V - +24V)


◎ Synchronization mode setting(internal/external)
◎ Exposure control setting(internal/external)
◎ Horizontal binning
◎ Setting of image scan direction
◎ Test pattern generation for testing camera operation and interface with inspection machines
◎ Pixel correction(FPN、PRNU、Shading)
◎ Saving of camera setting
◎ Monitoring of power voltage, internal temperature and camera status

Performance specifications