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Kingfisher series KFB200

KFB200 is a 3D line profile camera operating at max 3.2 kHz scan rate based on Light-Section method.
With a maximum 160mm width, the line profile will be output for 2048 pixels.
There are two models; Camera Link model and Ethernet model

Key Features

◎High accurate readout with wide range Max 160mm width.
◎Hight resolution : 40μm   Width resolution : 100μm
◎No need calibration. It’s completed at factory.
◎Compact case design
◎Camera Link model accepts a grabber board for 2k pixels line scan camera.
   Ethernet model can be connected to the PC directly.
◎16-bit gradation, line profile data output (Camera calculates the height)
◎Camera Link model: Dust proof spec IP5X
   Ethernet model: Dust & spray proof spec IP54

Key Functions

◎Line rate can be sped up by limiting readout range.
◎Detection sensitivity of laser beam can be changed easily.
◎Selection of trigger input(Internal or External sync)
◎Displays graphics sensor image(to adjust alignment at setup)

Performance specifications