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Kingfisher series KFB080

KFB080 is a 3D line profile camera with the fastest scan rate of 5.0 kHz using the laser beam section method. The measurement range is 80 ± 15 mm in the height direction, and the line profile of up to 50 mm wide is output with data of 1000 pixels.
You can achieve excellent performance in the shape inspection of such as the weld bead using this camera that specializes in narrow objects.

Key Features

◎ High-speed profile:   Max. 5000 lines per second
◎ Measurement range:  Height:±15 mm, width: 50 mm(Maximum values)
◎ Height resolution:     10 μm
◎ Data interval height: 1μm, width: 50 μm
◎ Data output:            Camera Link (Base Configuration)
◎ No requirement for the calibration owing to the laser integrated type:
                                The calibration is adjusted at the factory shipment.
◎ Green semiconductor laser (520 nm, class 3R)

Key Functions

◎ Selection of internal / external synchronization
◎ Increase of line rate enabled by limiting the scanning range
◎ Settings of laser intensity with commands
◎ Offset setting of output position and output height
◎ Saving and reading of camera settings
◎ Laser life monitoring and life warning

Performance specifications

Dimensions in operation

Dimensions of KFB080