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Monochrome Line Scan Camera

Monochrome Line Scan Camera
White-eye Series FX

  White-eye series FX is a high-resolution monochrome line scan camera equipped with a CMOS sensor with 7μm x 7μm pixel size, max 8192 resolutions, and Max 640MHz data rate.
  This camera has a CoaxPress interface and can output data with 8, 10, or 12 bit data format.
  Having antiblooming, exposure control, and other functions, this camera can be used for various applications.


Key Features

- 8192/4096 resolutions
- Max 640MHz sampling rate (Max line rate is 72.4kHz)
- CMOS image sensors
   *FXS : 7um×7um(High resolution type with a single sensor
   *FXS : 7um×14um(High sensitivity type with a dual sensor
- CoaXPress interface
   *CXP-6 : 2×6.25Gbps / 1×6.25Gbps
   *CXP-5 : 2×5.0Gbps / 1×5.0Gbps
   *CXP-3 : 2×3.125Gbps / 1×3.125Gbps
- GenICam 2.1 and SFNC 2.3 compliant for camera control
- Antiblooming and exposure control functions
- Dust proof design of housing
- Single power supply (PowerOverCoaXPress:24V)
- Small size (80×80×54mm)



- Selection of synchronization mode and exposure control
   (internal or external)
- Horizontal binning
- Switchable scan direction
- Generation of test patterns which enables easy verification of camera
   operation and a connection with controllers of inspection machines
- Setting of gain and offset
- FPN, PRNU, and shading correction
- Storing camera settings


Specifications of White-eye series FX