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Monochrome Line Scan Camera

Monochrome Line Scan Camera
White-eye Series FC

White-eye series is a high-speed and low noise monochrome line scan camera with max 16384 resolutions and max 680MHz data rate. This series uses the output data format of Camera Link (Medium/Full/80 bit Configuration) and has various functions such as exposure control and antiblooming to apply for multiple applications.


Key Features

- 4k,8k,16k pixels line-up
- Data rate : 680MHz and line rate : 40.65kHz (FCS16KA)
-CMOS sensor, antiblooming and exposure control functions
  ・Pixel size of 4k,8k: 7.0μm×7.0μm
  ・Pixel size of 16k: 3.5μm×3.5μm
- M72 lens mount is adopted. (F-mount for 4k camera)
- All models use Camera Link interface
- Compact design : M72 mount / 87.0×118.0×29.5mm
                                Nikon-F mount / 87.0×118.0×66.4mm


- Noise cancelling function for external sync signal
- Horizontal binning
- Switchable scan direction
- Camera diagnostic and test pattern output
- Gain and offset control
- PRNU, FPN correction
- Camera status monitoring for power supply voltage, internal temperature, etc.
- Dust proof camera housing

Key Features