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Monochrome Line Scan Camera

Monochrome Line Scan Camera
CM Series CMB

CMICRO has delivered the CM-Series, a small, fast, and cost effective camera that is ideal for electronics manufacturing inspection, industrial machine vision and foodstuff inspection.
The CM Series is a high-sensitive and low noise camera with resolutions from 512 to 2048, pixel size 14µm x 14µm,operating at a data rate of 40MHz. The CM Series uses the data format of CameraLink (Base configuration) or LVDS (EIA-644) and has exposure control and antiblooming functions.

Key Features

◎ Max 2048 resolution, Max 40MHz sampling rate
◎ Pixel size 14µm x 14µm, Low noise, High sensitivity
◎ Exposure control, antiblooming available
◎ Nikon F or C mount
◎ Very compact Design
   (F mount:56x50x126.75mm, C mount:56x50x97.78mm)
◎ Single Power Supply
◎ High reliability for industrial environments(Vibration, Connector corrosion)
◎ Selection of horizontal binnig(ON or OFF)
◎ Selection of trigger input(Internal or External)


◎ Selection of sampling rate (20MHz or 40MHz)
◎ Selection of trigger input (internal or external)
◎ Exposure control (internal or external)
◎ Pixel correction functions (FPN, PRNU, and shading)
◎ Selection of horizontal binning (ON or OFF)
◎ Test pattern output
◎ Storing of camera settings

Performance Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics