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Privacy Policy
1. Policy Concerning the Use of Personal Information:
  We value the trust of our customers and consider the protection of personal information to be of the utmost importance. We comply with the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and adhere to the policy described below concerning the handling of personal information.
2. Concerning Personal Information:
  CMICRO may collect information through questionnaires or email in order to provide optimal service to our customers. All information provided will be handled fairly and in accordance with relevant laws and privacy regulations. CMICRO will ask for permission before seeking personal information from any source other than the specific individual.
3. Security:
  CMICRO takes all necessary measures to ensure that the personal information provided by the customer is protected from unauthorized access, divulgence, alteration, or loss.
4. Third Party Access:
  CMICRO will not share personal information provided by its customers with a third party without consent, except in cases where permission is not required by the abovementioned Law or other relevant laws.
5. Sharing of Information with Affiliates:
  CMICRO may provide customer information to business affiliates in order to perform the necessary work. In such cases, CMICRO will instruct and supervise the affiliate to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.
6. Response to Customer Requests for Correction or Sharing of Information:
  When the customer requests that the personal information they have provided be shared, corrected, or deleted, CMICRO will respond promptly and appropriately.
7. Revision of Privacy Policy:
  As the contents of this privacy policy may be revised or changed without prior notice, customers are requested to check the information on this website periodically.