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CMICRO-A Reliable EMS Partner Creating
Next-Generation Electronic Components for
Factory Automation

Industry is shifting from centralized, top-down, original product manufacturing towards the division of labour for increased business efficiency. In the midst of this trend, EMS companies play a significant role by providing OEMs with electronic manufacturing services in every area of electronics and digital device production. CMICRO is a rapidly growing EMS company producing next-generation electronic components, particularly industrial multimedia products, for factory automation.
We excel in both software and hardware for measurement, control and image processing components used in factory automation. Not only do we meet OEM demands for parts but we also participate as part of the manufacturing team in every aspect of development. This includes proposing solutions and designing new products as well as testing, manufacturing and quality control at partner factories throughout Japan. We have a proven track record of success as a business partner. We also have an impressive line up of original products and a solid structure for marketing, independent development, sales and distribution through which we supply our products to affiliated businesses and develop new ventures.
Company Profile

CMICRO Corporation
April 1, 1991
15 million yen
269-1 Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 761-0301, Japan
TEL: 087-869-8310
FAX: 087-869-8320
Tokyo Office
5F Nisshin Bldg., 3-16-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan
TEL: 03-3526-6101
FAX: 03-3526-0022
Business Content
Development, design and manufacturing of image and video processing devices, LAN systems, and communications devices
Development, design and manufacturing of hardware and software for microcomputer systems
Managing Director
Shinichi Masuda
Executive Director
Masanori Fujisawa
Number of employees
42 (as of November 1, 2014)
Oct. 1994 CMICRO Corporation established and began commissioned design and development of electronic devices.
Oct. 1994 Developed designs using field gate arrays (FPGAs).
Apr. 1995 Began development of image editing system.
Apr. 1997 Developed ARCNET board, CMICRO’s first original product, and began sales.
Jul. 1997 Developed surveillance system for steel towers in response to vandalism of steel tower.
Apr. 1998 Number of employees exceeded ten.
Apr. 1998 Began development of image processing system.
Jul. 1998 Issued first company bonds (warrant bonds)
Apr. 1999 Developed line sensor camera and began OEM supply.
Aug. 1999 Acquired ISO9001 certification (auditors: JQA, JMA).
Mar. 2000 Developed and marketed Wireless Remote Surveillance System with built-in power source.
Apr. 2000 Developed image processing board and began OEM supply.
Jul. 2000 Issued second company bonds (warrant bonds).
Apr. 2001 Joined Kagawa Association of Corporate Executives.
Apr. 2001 Joined Seiwajuku (Kagawa).
Apr. 2002 Number of employees exceeded 20.
Oct. 2003 ISO9001 certification upgraded to 2000 version (auditors: JQA, JMA).
Sep. 2004 Awarded Inamori Management Prize.
Mar. 2005 Began sales of 3CCD Colour Line Scan Camera TK Series.
May 2005 Opened Tokyo Office.
Aug. 2005 Received financing from Development Bank of Japan with intellectual property as collateral.
Mar. 2006 Began sales of Monochrome Line Scan Camera CM Series.
Oct. 2006 Completed 1st edition of Management Quality Report.
Jan. 2007 Tokyo Office moved to current address in Akihabara area.
Mar. 2007 Developed and began sales of Wireless Remote Surveillance System incorporating FOMA.
Mar. 2007 Developed and began sales of server-type surveillance system.
Apr. 2007 Number of employees exceeded 30 and capital exceeded 200 million yen.
Dec. 2009 Acquired ISO14001 certification (auditors: JMAQA).
Mar. 2010 Awarded Kagawa Innovation Grand Prix.
Nov. 2011 Became wholly-owned subsidiary of Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. by friendly acquisition.